As you can imagine, sewage damage is a very serious problem. Not only can they stink up your home, they can also spread a lot of bacteria. When sewage backup strikes, you’ll want the waste (and their stench) removed as quickly as possible.

Flawless Restoration understands the threat posed by sewage spills, which is why our team is trained to work fast whenever we get calls about these kinds of problems.

At Flawless Restoration, we employ the best products and equipment to repair and clean up sewage damages. And after we have removed all of the waste, we will remove whatever contaminants and bad odors are left behind. So if you have sewage problems then here’s how we can help you.

Sewage Removal

Before we can repair the damages to your property, we will first need to remove the sewage that has already made its way out.

Once we have stabilized the situation, we will carry out the following tasks to remove the sewage off of your property.

– We locate the source of the sewage and put a stop to it
– We isolate the affected areas, using special equipment such as filters and vacuum devices
– We remove or treat all the materials that may have come in contact with the contaminated water

Sewage Damage Restoration

Once the sewage has been removed, we will begin the sewage damage restoration process. Here’s how it works.

First, we will remove the dirty water out of your building. If the damage is extensive, we will also implement structural drying to prevent water damage to drywalls and hardwood floors.

Next, we will start removing the sewage that we couldn’t remove during the initial phase of our work. This process is usually straightforward thanks to our special sewage removal equipment.

Once the sewage is gone, we will begin disinfecting the affected areas to prevent the spread of bacteria. Additionally, we will also disinfect any items that may have come into contact with the sewage.

Finally, we will conduct tests to make sure that everything in your property is clean and free from bacteria. Also, if we find any mold spores in the areas affected by the sewage damage then we will also try to remove them.

Odor Removal

Of course, it’s not enough to just remove the sewage. The bad smell will have to be dealt with as well. To do this, Flawless Restoration employs the best air scrubbers with powerful high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration features to remove the horrible smell from your home.

Additionally, we also use strong deodorizers to eliminate the smell from the affect areas. If any of your belongings has come into contact with the sewage then we will use our deodorizers on them as well. With our help, your home will have its normal smell back in no time.

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