Mold damage is quite common in Knoxville, TN, and this is because of the humidity and moisture. Most of the area is humid, and it is this
humidity which allows molds to proliferate in many local homes. Black mold, for example, is relatively common among many Knoxville homes.

We at Flawless Restoration have helped many property owners over the year, and we understand the threat that molds pose to their homes. Not only can they damage actual strutures, they are also a serious health hazard. So if you need someone to remove the mold off your property then here’s what we can do for you.

Understanding Mold Damage

Molds thrive in moist environments caused by floods, leaking pipes, sewage spills and high humidity. In order to thrive, however, molds
also need oxygen, a food source and a temperature of between 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your property meets these conditions then it’s vulnerable to mold spores. Even areas, which seem relatively devoid of life can host mold infestations if these conditions exist. For example, areas that have a lot of wood and drywalls are quite vulnerable to mold damage.

Therefore, the only way to remove the mold is to remove the conditions that allow them to thrive, and that’s where Flawless Restoration comes
in. Our team knows how to fix properties, so as to prevent the spread of mold spores. Not only do we know how to remove molds, we also know how to mold-proof those areas which are vulnerable to them, so that your home will be less vulnerable to molds.

The Threat of Molds

There are two issues that we consider when we are faced with mold damage: The structural issue and the health issue.

With regards to structural issues, our primary concern is to prevent damage to your home. Molds can damage various parts of your property,
including the roof, the HVAC system, the drywalls, the gutters, the foundations and even the furnishings. This is why our team will examine different rooms in your home to make sure that there are no signs of molds that could threaten the entire structure.

As for the health issue, our goal is to prevent molds from becoming a health problem to you and your family. Molds can cause headaches,
skin irritations, allergies, breathing problems and more. Our goal is to eliminate the spores to the extent that they no longer pose any threat.

How Do We Eliminate Molds?

Our mold damage services follow a simple formula. First, we examine areas of your home that have a lot of moisture or are exposed to humid
temperatures. These areas become our primary candidates, and we will examine them to make sure that they don’t have any molds.

Whenever we find any signs of mold infestation, we will remove them, and after that, we will dispose of them quickly and efficiently, using the
best tools available to us.

Once all of the molds are disposed of, we clean up the areas and disinfect them. We will then test these areas to make sure that there are
no more molds to worry about.

So if you ever find any signs of molds in your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will remove the problem as quickly as possible.