Fire damage can have devastating effects on any property, but we have the solution. Flawless Restoration can repair and restore a wide variety of smoke and fire related damages regardless of how extensive they may be. So if your home was recently damaged by a fire then here’s what we can do for you.

Understanding Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire damage doesn’t just burn items, it can also damage your property in other ways. It can:

– Cause smoke damage
– Cause corrosion
– Discolor walls and surfaces
– Damage fixtures and finishes
– Tarnish glass and metal

Aside from the damages that fire can cause to your home, they also come in different varieties. For example, if the fire took place in your kitchen then expect a lot of burnt food odors and smoke residue.

If the fire consumes synthetic items then expect a lot of black smoke residue as well as synthetic smoke odors. Accidents such as these also require extensive corrosion mitigation to prevent long term damage.

If, however, the fire was caused by heating appliances, like a furnaces for example, then it would most likely damage or affect more than one room in your property.

Finally, there is also the issue of smoke damage. Aside from the inconvenience of making your property smell bad, smoke damage can also corrode materials if they ignored for too long.

We understand these kinds of problems, and how to best address them. So no matter how bad the fire may have been, don’t lose hope, because we will do everything we can to restore your property as quickly and as affordably as possible.

How Do We Repair Properties Damaged By Fire?

First, we will identify the source of the fire to determine how it started and how it damaged your property. If certain areas were damaged by water as a result of the efforts of firefighters, then we may also recommend our water damage restoration services.

  • Next, we will evaluate any items and materials that may have been damaged as a result of soot and smoke particles. These usually include things such as toys, books, clothes and appliances. We will then set them apart from the undamaged items, so as to make cleaning process a little bit easier.
  • After we are finished cleaning and repairing the damages to your property, we will begin the structural restoration process. This process includes:
  • – Removing charred items, such as burnt wood or charred clothes for example
  • – Removing destroyed carpets and floor coverings
  • – Inspecting the frames of your property to ensure structural integrity
  • – Treating affected areas for smoke odors
  • – Sealing leftover odors to prevent them from leaking back into the rest of the house
  • After we’re finished, we will clean your home to eliminate any lingering smoke odors, and after that, we will deodorize the surfaces of your home to restore their original smell.
  • Finally, we will also return whatever furniture and belongings back into their original places inside your house. Just show us where you want us to put them and we will do our best to comply.