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Prevention is the answer to keeping your home clear from floods or water damage. Protecting a basement, water damage in walls and floorboards and making certain that a roof does not seep are all general water damage ways that most homeowners attend to on a frequent basis. Cleaning out gutters and drainage systems to keep water moving right is also a good way to prevent water damage. So is there anything else you can do?

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The database is in fact quite lengthy. Water damage can be produced by external forces or by interior issues with the pipework or sewer mechanism. The exterior of your residence or your land can be altered to forestall water damage to the interior. This is done by modifying the manner that water pools and is withdrawn from your grounds. Natural water movement may, during a massive precipitation or flooding situation, drive water to course directly toward your foundation. This is natural on numerous acreage because the home is placed on the piece of the area that is most flat and water collects on a level surface. The settling of the residence creates a depression that will draw in running water if avoidance is not decently devised.

Proper drainage can be achieved by building your area so that water courses pass your home instead of collecting at the boundary of the substructure. This will prevent water damage to the outside of your habitation and leave less of a possibility for water to get interior. Crafting gutters or channels where water can flow is also a useful prevention method as is setting hedge plants on any incline above your location to hinder running water.

Internal causes that can conclude in water damage are usually related to your pipes or septic system. A pipe can rot and closures ultimately wear down if left they remain without inspection for a number of years. Water pressure within your plumbing system mechanism is a perpetual drive that can progressively wear down anything that is involved with it. A licensed plumber can do an assessment of your plumbing and let you be aware of what must be replaced or repaired. Performing these preventive inspections on a regular cycle can save hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in water damage expenditures.

Your sewer mechanism is another possible cause of troubles where simple prevention and maintenance can help you to prevent water damage. Emptying your septic tank regularly can cut down the quantity of stop ups you have and extinguish nasty odors that grow when your septic system is too inundated. Using the fitting chemicals to split apart solidified waste in your septic container-full can also aid to maintain a septic mechanism

In conclusion, prevention may seem to be a pricey project when you originally think about it, but the long term savings and peace of mind you can get from it is invaluable. All you need to do is to inquire a veteran water damage restoration professional who understands well the water restoration process before you endeavor any sweeping changes or repairs. Plumbers, construction contractors and firefighters are all qualified in specific areas of water damage prevention. Apply their expertise and keep your home safe in such cases when you need emergency water removal.

Storm Damage

Storms are so powerful that they can cause devastation to any building they comes across. You should always be well prepared for such potential disasters, especially if you live in an area where large storms are frequent. While insuring your house or your business you should know the policy thoroughly. The calm that is supposed to come after the storm does not always come. Sometimes after the storm real work comes along in the form of storm restorations and storm repair. Emergency restoration service companies spend the time during the storm preparing for the cleanup that will need to occur after the storm.

Storm damage with wind blowing tree onto house and crushing roof


So much damage can occur to a home during a home. Water damage, fire damage, wind damage, hail damage all this and more can occur when a ferocious storm boroughs through your area. Nature is one powerful beast. Storm damage is fierce. Storms come in and with them they bring all of their ferociousness with them damaging your home. Where does a homeowner turn once a storm has wreaked havoc on one of their biggest investments?

The first call to make when a storm has caused damage to your home is your homeowner’s insurance carrier. From there it is inevitable they will come out for an onsite inspection of the damage and instruct you to call a flood/fire/storm restoration company. The emergency restoration company will develop an action plan to restore the property to its original state.

Water damage in particular needs to be handles by the professional. If an area affected by water damage and extend moisture is not treated correctly and dried thoroughly mold and mildew can quickly set in. Water damage is simple to clean and react to in comparison then what is involved with mold removal. Mold restoration is necessary as any mold left to grow will spread quickly and can lead to health problems such as headaches, runny eyes and noses, and coughing; or trigger attacks in kids and adults with asthma. These are all very serious issues.

Most of the time storms wreak havoc on the outside of the home. Some common damage from storms is siding damage or ripped off, broken window, down wires and fallen trees. All of which can be handled with the help of storm remediation. It s important that homeowners resist the urge to start cleaning up after the storm, downed power lines and fallen trees can still conduct large amount of electricity.

Another reason to resist immediately going out and beginning to clean up after the storm passes and the damage is done is because professionals will come in and board up, tarp the roof and pack up for homeowners. This will keep homeowners safe while the insurance company and restoration specialist put the home back to its original state.

It is important to remember that no matter the size of the storm, damage can be done to your home that is sufficient enough to call in the specialists. After a storm has passed through your area check your home inside and out to ensure damage has not been done. Don’t always assume that when a small storm passes nothing could be wrong with your home. The last time we assumed our home was fine and we did not check on it we woke up in the morning with a tree on our shed. Don’t assume ever after a storm check out to see if damage has been done.

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What is mold?

Molds are tiny fungi that develop in moist environments. Unlike other natural plants that survive by manufacturing their food through photosynthesis, molds survive by emitting enzymes onto the natural matter they are occupying and afterward absorbing the degraded remains of the matter. Molds can grow on almost all organic matters since they do not need large amounts of nutrients to survive.

mold infestation being remediated

Why molds are considered harmful?

Black molds and mildew spores will cause allergic reactions to many people. Anyone who comes into contact with a mold colony could be at risk of developing some kind of dermatophytes such as jock itch and athlete’s foot. Mycotoxins secreted by most black molds are very harmful. Actually this gaseous and liquid compounds secreted by mold colonies are among the most known toxic chemicals in the world. These compounds may cause serious illness to both humans and animals hence the need to come up with appropriate mold cleaning protocols for correct mold remediation.

Molds damage can be observed on practically any surface. They will damage your paints, carpets, wood furnitures, sheet rock and ceiling tiles. Their outbreak is rapid and can take around 48-72 hours hence prompt measures should be taken to prevent its spread.


First, you need to identify the source of the issue. Broken pipe leakages are the major causes of moisture in your basement. Sealing or repairing these leakages will help to prevent occurrence of mold. Once you have put in place preventive measures, then you should consider contacting a mold remediation company like Flawless Restoration.


In case you are uncertain on the proper methods to employ to safely remove molds at your place then you should consider hiring a professional mold removal company. Opting for such easily available mold removal services is the best way to get rid of mold problems without making much effort. Mold removal contractors are well aware of the best techniques of removing mold spores from the affected area of your home and have all the required tools to undertake this process.


They utilize appropriate tools and methods to provide a complete solution from indoor and outdoor mold growth. Simply burning or scraping is not a permanent solution to remove molds and prevent them from further growth. An experienced mold removal and remediation company can eliminate mold from the inside or outside area of your home by using latest methods and techniques. Some companies also offer oil tank cleaning services as an addition to their list of services.

There are numerous mold cleaning products available in the market today. These products should be organic and they include safe shield. Safe shield is combined with molderizer to ensure that it does not only effectively get rid of the black mold but prevent it from re-appearing.